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Category: English

March 31, 2013

Friday: Subject – Easter – Books: Matt 12/19, Jon 1 & Rev 21 The Christian world will be celebrating the death of Christ on Friday and His resurrection on Sunday. That’s honorable but they’re worshipping in vain because He didn’t die on Friday .....… more »

March 24, 2013

Friday: Subject – The abomination that maketh desolate – Books: Rev 13/17, Dan 9/11 For some 1500 years, Roman Catholicism dominated the religious world. It wasn’t until Martin Luther came & inflicted a deadly wound on them by exposing their doctri… more »

March 17, 2013

Friday: Subject – Commentary – We have a Senator in Congress who commented that “all veterans are mentally ill therefore they are too unstable to be trusted with weapons.”.........(more) more »

March 10, 2013

Friday: Subject – Devaluing the Bible – Books: Gen 11, I Cor 2 & Matt 24 The Bible warns us not to add or remove any of the words that are written in the book. Yet, movie makers do just that. They take a story and try to humanize .........(more) more »