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Welcome to GSWIC
All Shortwave and/or Internet Surfing Enthusiasts.

Getting Out To The World

The Global Shortwave-Internet Club provides informtion on the latest technologies regarding shortwave radios and computers. In addition, members can submit information of there own and we will post it giving member credit.

You don't have to be a Christian, or believe anything Pastor Fulcher teaches to be a member of this club. It's for those who want to be associated with a worldwide family who has an interest in Shortwave Radio or the Internet. To learn more about the club click here.


Where In The World Are You?

Tell us where you're listening from!  We are very interested in knowing how far each of our mediums is reaching around the world.  If you have a phone, shorwave radio or computer, you can here our program.  Some have even heard us on their guitar amplifier!  So no matter what medium you hear us on, contact us and let us know you're listening.

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Drop Us A PostCard In The Mail

Above is a picture of our board with postcards from members all over the world.

Send us a postcard today to represent your town and country!


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Above is a picture of our map where we put a green pin to represent each member from around the world.

Become a member today and we will put a green pin on our map representing you!

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Tip of The Month
"You can increase your signal strength by attaching an external antenna to your shortwave radio."

- GSWIC Member, USA -